Two health and fitness programs team up in new facility

Gymnazo and Lose It For Life

Gymnazo and Lose It For Life opened a new facility this month in San Luis Obispo to provide the local community with a fitness facility dedicated to transformational fitness and a health-oriented community. Both organizations provide health and fitness services looking to keep the community fit, functional and to assist in weight loss.


8-mile run benefits wounded heroes

Inaugural run benefits Operation Surf Central Coast

Do they ever quit? It sometimes seems as though the folks at Amazing Surf Adventures are always on the go, and what they are up to this fall is no exception.

After hosting Operation Surf Central Coast 2013 the week of Oct. 3-9, the Amazing Surf Adventures team has no intention of slowing down as they gear up for their inaugural Operation Run, an 8-mile fun run on Veteran’s Day, Monday, Nov. 11 in support of all military members, past and present.


Stand up straight!

Proper posture is essential in life and exercise

Posture during exercise will greatly affect not only your endurance, but other aspects of your life as well. Poor posture pits your own muscles and physiology against yourself – you fight your own body! 

Benefits of fitness on overall health

“A healthy body is a guest-chamber for the soul; a sick body a prison.” – Francis Bacon

Like many of you, I feel we live in one of the most beautiful places in the world.  It’s relatively easy to enjoy the outdoors and be active year-round on the Central Coast.  I have also been lucky enough to work with an active group of people and have many active patients that inspire me to compete and push myself athletically.  


Professionals help avid adventure-seeker balance a DIY lifestyle

My mom and dad raised a do-it-yourselfer. Car needs a headlight? Figure it out. Sink leaking? No problem. But what happens when your football-playing father teaches you to just suck it up when your body falls apart and that doesn’t work for you?


Run Paso raises $10,000

Central Coast Active congratulates Run Paso for raising almost $10,000 for the Wellness Community of the Central Coast!
To prepare for the first annual SLO Marathon, the women's running group decided to run for a cause and raise money for The Wellness Community, a local cancer support center. Some of the women in this inspiring group are caner survivors themselves. Donations poured in from all over the country to support this incredibly worthy cause. 


Is Jogging Bad for Older People?

New York Times blog asks if jogging is bad for older people. You might find the answer surprising...



Community walk to stop diabetes

Hosted by Chalk Mountain Golf Course Sept. 28

Chalk Mountain Golf Course in Atascadero is hosting the Community Walk to Stop Diabetes this fall. It’s one the newest initiatives of the American Diabetes Association’s movement to help stop diabetes.
This local grass roots event is organized by local volunteer coordinator Joel Clay and is open to the entire community. Everyone is encouraged to come out and take a stand to help stop diabetes on September 28 at Chalk Mountain Golf Course, starting at 9 am.


UltraPacing for rookies

We’re living through the Big Bang in the ultra-running world; as more runners conquer the marathon, they’re trading up to ultras. Ultra-marathon finishes have increased a whopping 400% over the past five years.


Get in on the Pickleball craze

Fun, social and active sport takes SLO County by storm

Pickleball was once called “the fastest growing sport in the country you’ve never heard of.”  Not anymore. This very fun, very social, very ‘active’ game has grown exponentially since it was first introduced in 1965.

Developed by Washington State representative and eventual Lt. Governor, Joel Pritchard, the name of the sport originated, according to urban legend, in honor of Pritchard’s dog, Pickles, who would chase any errant balls and return them...most of the time.