Central Coast is home to Mixed Martial Arts champ

Castle Williams maintains perfect MMA record

The folks at Pit North in Atascadero have a lot to celebrate as they bid farewell to 2013 and welcome the New Year. On Dec. 7 in Las Vegas, Pit North owner and head trainer Castle Williams won his Mixed Martial Arts Fight by Guillotine Submission 2 minutes 22 seconds into the very first round at King of the Cage, Future Legends 19. 


The Joy of Flying

You are dangling 25 feet in the air. Far below you is nothing but the hard warehouse floor. Holding you up is nothing but a sleek, slippery fabric which increasingly threatens to slide right out of grip with each passing moment.


Onion Tart with Market Greens, Roasted Beets, Candied Fennel Seed Pecans, and Basil Vinaigrette

by Kelly Wangard, Executive Chef at Summerwood Winery & Inn, Paso Robles, CA
Shopping for produce at farmer’s markets is valuable in more way than one. Besides the obvious of getting the freshest produce in season, it is most flavorful because it is picked at the peak of ripeness. Produce that must travel long distances to meet a market will be picked ‘green’ and therefore the flavor and texture will be jeopardized. It is essential for your body to get a variety of different fruit and vegetables and that could be exactly why we have seasons. 

Paso Robles Food Co-op celebrates Central Coast food

The Paso Robles Food Cooperative, founded by Montgomery Norton, seeks to become a hybrid of well-studied models of similar establishments around the country and, after being awarded a Seed Grant from the Food Co-op Initiative, the local co-op is well on its way to becoming a reality.

Make Tabata intervals part of your exercise routine

Not enough time to exercise? No more excuses – give Tabata intervals a try

With the start of the school year, shorter daylight hours, and an increase in a variety of obligations looming overhead, “I don’t have time to exercise,” just may be a familiar tune ringing through your mind.

Problem solved – Tabata intervals can be a fast and effective way for the average person to find time in their schedule for exercise.

What, one may ask, is a Tabata interval?


Kendo anyone?

The sport is alive and well on the Central Coast

Want to try out a sport that’s being re-established on the Central Coast that offers participants an opportunity to gain valuable traits such as discipline, respect and good sportsmanship through a strict physical training regime?

Maybe it’s time to check out the martial art of Kendo.


CrossFit Training: an elite program for everyone

A CrossFit class at CrossFit Inferno in San Luis Obispo, CA

Fitness is the reason everyone works out.  Weight loss, muscle gain, mobility, functionality, flexibility and a general disposition toward health and wellness are all parts of the idea of fitness.  But with all the gyms out there that use the word fitness, there is only ONE program that actually defines fitness and sets up a recipe to achieve that definition of fitness:  CrossFit!


Local produce company SLO Veg brings the bounty to the table

Food is an extremely intimate subject; it provides comfort just as much as it provides energy for living. What you eat matters to your health, and there can hardly be a more satisfying feeling than picking a fruit from a tree, or pulling a vegetable up from the chocolate-brown soil, dusting it off, and taking a bite – but just a small taste! – one, first tiny little nibble, and letting nature’s nectars delight my taste buds. It’s important not to overwhelm your tasters with an enthusiastic chomp. Take a small bite, chew slowly and gently, and feel the food.


Run Paso for a Cause

Run Paso is a women’s running group that was founded in 2010. The group of friends began meeting at a different location each Sunday, and the word quickly spread spread. In the past two years, the group has grown and the women in it have started training together for 5k, half, and full marathons.
Together, the group trains for and travels to races throughout the state. “It is so fun to have something to train for,” says member Michelle Thacher, “We make a weekend of the races, get hotel rooms, and go out to dinner.”