Kayaking along the Central Coast

Let go of stress aboard a kayak

Sure, taking in the beauty of the Pacific Ocean while driving along Hwy 1 or up the 101 is pretty nice, but enjoying the ocean blue aboard a kayak is, well, pretty spectacular.


The perseverance of a 67-year-old marathon runner

Running a marathon is hard for any human being. Novice or elite athlete. It requires months of training and a willingness to push through 26.6 miles of pain and exhaustion with the reward of having someone put a medal around your neck. It’s an endeavor that most people have zero desire to undertake. However the process and experience is a commonality that all marathoners share regardless of their age or skill level. 


Make Tabata intervals part of your exercise routine

Not enough time to exercise? No more excuses – give Tabata intervals a try

With the start of the school year, shorter daylight hours, and an increase in a variety of obligations looming overhead, “I don’t have time to exercise,” just may be a familiar tune ringing through your mind.

Problem solved – Tabata intervals can be a fast and effective way for the average person to find time in their schedule for exercise.

What, one may ask, is a Tabata interval?