Two health and fitness programs team up in new facility

Gymnazo and Lose It For Life

Gymnazo and Lose It For Life opened a new facility this month in San Luis Obispo to provide the local community with a fitness facility dedicated to transformational fitness and a health-oriented community. Both organizations provide health and fitness services looking to keep the community fit, functional and to assist in weight loss.

Gymanzo, specializing in three-dimensional circuit training and strength training, is now offering 11 small group trainings daily Monday-Friday and two sessions on Saturdays in their new facility. The gym more than doubles the space they previously have in Kennedy Club Fitness, off Tank Farm. Led by Michael Hughes, Gymanzo started in Kennedy Club Fitness as a spin off of his popular personal training program. Growing over 20-percent every year since, it is the gym of choice for over 100 local residents ranging in age from 14 to 86-years-old.

Seeing a need to expand its services to the Baby Boomer generation, Gymnazo crafted a program specifically designed to promote mobility, balance and practical strength for a growing population in our community. Rooted in Applied Functional Science, Michael Hughes and his coaches have been able to reduce pain and movement limitations of Baby Boomers and provide a community of health enthusiasts to encourage one another to reach their fitness goals.

“We are thrilled to open our own facility and now be able to provide our unique training style to non-Kennedy members in the community. We have been blessed with an incredibly passionate and loyal Gymnazo community. With their support I have been able to realize a dream- to own my own facility and expand our ability to transform lives,” says Michael Hughes, founder of Gymnazo, Inc. “We are happy to partner with “Gymnazo and Lose It For Life are rooted in changing lives and giving back to our community, and I am happy to work more closely with them,” says Lou Ferreira, founder of Lose It For Life and also past Kennedy Club Fitness personal trainer.
Realizing that weight loss can be a symptom for deeper issues, Lou strategically built a network of doctors, nutritionists and psychologists to create a comprehensive 12-week weight loss program that includes blood work analysis, healthy cooking classes, weight loss group psychology as well as a fitness component.

This program has been successful for over two years in helping locals find a supportive environment to tackle their weight loss goals. Lose It For Life’s programs will now work more closely with Gymnazo, and the program will now feed Lose It For Life participants into Gymnazo’s circuit training program.

“We couldn’t be happier about this move and combining forces with Gymnazo,” says Lou Ferreira, “Michael and I share a similar desire to bring compassionate, holistic and effective training to San Luis Obispo and provide our clients with results. We look forward to the next 12 week Lose It For Life program and welcome the community to come check out our services and new location!”

The new location is located at 2074 Parker Street and offers 6,300 square feet of training and office space. The training facility features state of the art functional training equipment, rubber and turf flooring, showers, child care and other amenities to service their clients. Both facilities are offering specials for first time guests.

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