Wildflower returns for 32nd year

Tri-California readying for 32nd Wildflower Triathlon, amid drought conditions in California

Despite the recent California wide drought, Tri-California announced in mid-March that the 32nd Annual Wildflower Triathlons will take place as planned on May 2-4.

This comes as Lake San Antonio, site of the race venue, currently sits at a record low water level of 5 percent capacity; however, Tri-California will still run its triathlon offerings with full swim distances available. From the recent dry conditions, the race company is mindful of the athletes’ concerns and has established alternate routes for Long Course, Olympic Distance and Mountain Bike Short Course Triathlons. These comparable courses are sure to offer a great race experience and a unique twist to a triathlon that has become a tradition for thousands.  

In an effort to make athletes comfortable with a possible change in the swim course venue from the typical Lynch launch ramp area, a practice out and back swim course has been set up near Harris Creek on the south end of the lake since end of January.  In addition, Tri-California has posted alternate course maps to the website to assist the thousands of registered athletes training.

“Lynch will still serve as the main festival area, and the Long Course and Olympic Bike courses will remain unchanged. We have created a new Mountain Bike course that is comparable in terrain, but is much more scenic without the looped aspect,” said Colleen Bousman, president of Tri-California Events.

After completing the swim, Long Course and Olympic Distance, participants will exit the water and transition at Harris Creek for a 2.2 mile run along the shoreline back to the Lynch Transition Area. From there, athletes will head out on unchanged bike courses for both the Long Course and Olympic Distance race. 

“Due to the 2.2 mile run after the swim, we will be subtracting 2.2 miles off the final run portion for both the Long Course and Olympic Distance race,” said Bousman. “The Mountain Bike athletes will transition to their bike in Harris Creek and to run at Lynch.”  Complete details may be found www.tricalifornia.com.

In over 30 years of race production, Tri-California has seen several twists and turns to their race day plans.  In 2013 there were nearly 100-degree conditions on Saturday and just above 60-degree conditions on Sunday.  Past challenges have included the creation of a new bike course after Fort Hunter Liggett Military base had it locked up on race day. Today, this stands as the current long course route.

Another year, the run course was affected when its usual route was disallowed as the property it went through was being sold by the owner. Again, Tri-California rose to the occasion and created a new long course that continues to be used today. For the swim portion, it has previously undergone a lack of water at the Lynch area. Harris Creek was used by the race as an alternative spot and it worked. 

One of the most memorable changes was the infamous rain year where a nighttime downpour caused floods all around the park and the race team was set to move to the rain course in less than two hours. Watching athletes cross the line full of mud and drenched with smiles from ear to ear was a memorable moment – after the race “I Survived the Rain Year” shirts sold out in 24 hours.

“We understand these challenges and feel confident that our racers will be pleased with the swim location and alternate course routes,” said Terry Davis, CEO and founder of Tri-California Events, Inc. “Endurance athletes don’t give up easily and we don’t either. We look forward to handing out Finisher Medals to all athletes, including our Wildflower Squared athletes, who  overcome obstacles on not only one day but doing so for a second day.  These adversities are what make the Wildflower Triathlons so special.”

About Tri-California Events

Tri-California Events is an event management company producing triathlon, swimming, and running races throughout California including the Wildflower Triathlons, San Francisco Triathlon at Alcatraz, Alcatraz Challenge Aquathlon & Swim, The Triathlon at Pacific Grove, and Scott Tinley’s Triathlon. In addition, Tri-California serves as the race production company for the Nike Women’s Marathon and The San Francisco Giant Race.  At Tri-California, our goal is to motivate individuals of all ages and fitness levels to lead a healthier lifestyle by “exercising with purpose” and participating in an endurance race. 

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