Rowing club hosts open house June 15

San Luis Obispo Rowing Club

The San Luis Obispo Rowing Club/SLO Rowing Club extends an invitation to the public to join us at our “Open House” at Lake Santa Margarita at 11 a.m. on Saturday, June 15. They will be celebrating their 10th anniversary.

Open house activities include

  • Rowing demonstrations by graduates from our beginning rowing classes, including some who have gone on to win medals in regional California regattas
  • Display of various rowing boats & equipment, including vintage oars from the pre-1900 era
  • Videos of rowing instruction & competition
  • Tour of our facilities, including a display of original rowing art & books on rowing
  • Demonstration of exercise rowing machines
  • Presentation of achievement awards to our recent graduating rowing class



To those who rowed in college, high school or in clubs in the past, they offer an opportunity to revisit the glory days. To those who have always wondered what it was like to row “Olympic Style,” as you see it every four years in the Olympiads, they offer the opportunity to learn about this most ancient of modern competitive sport. To those who previously graduated from a beginning rowing program and did not continue with recreational rowing, they offer another opportunity to become active again in one of the most beneficial and “easy on the body” exercise activities while enjoying the many benefits of the County’s Lake Santa Margarita where boating, hiking, camping, fishing and bird-watching a re some of the many distractions.

In the past 10 years, they have developed their facility from an abandoned café building, to a substantial aquatic center with the co-operation of several local agencies. In these years, the organization has taught hundreds of San Luis Obispo County residents how to row and enjoy this aquatic experience. Some rowers go from beginners without boating experience to medal winners at regional California regattas.

Guests will include a number of county and city recreational directors and recreation specialists. The open house program has rowing demonstrations including some by award-wining rowers and also by some who started in the beginning-rowing program and who have advanced into accomplished recreational rowers.

The entrance fee to the lake has been waived for those attending the open house.