Get out there!

What’s your go-to way to stay active and fit? Cycling? Running? Kayaking? Bowling? Lifting weights? Taking the dog for a walk? Playing Frisbee?

Folks along the Central Coast are taking part in a wide variety of outdoor activities – and a lot of indoor ones as well – at this very moment. A slew of opportunities await each one of us every day, from the very young to the young at heart. 

Surfers on dawn patrol at local beaches watch as business men and women sneak in an early morning jog, parents join a class or pump weights at a local fitness club after dropping the kids off at school, and others get in a quick workout on their lunch break or after work. As the sun begins to set over the vineyards of North County, hundreds of football players end practice for the day just as volleyball players are warming up for their first set of the night.  

There are so many ways to stay active and, with the Central Coast boasting mild temperatures along with an extensive offering of fitness clubs, miles of sandy beaches and parks galore, there’s only one thing to do – get out there!