Four Atascadero cyclists ride across America for wounded veterans

A retired Marine will attempt a remarkable event this summer, biking 3,700 miles across the U.S. to raise funds for wounded Marines and sailors.

John Foldberg, at age 57, will be accompanied by Daniel and Nathan Macfarlane and Evan Gillham, three young men who had heard about Foldberg’s endeavor and asked to come along. The four Atascadero residents have formed a group named “CCC4Vets” or “Cross-Country Cyclists for Veterans.” They will leave Anacortes, Washington on August 1, 2013 and bike 60 miles a day until they arrive at Virginia Beach, Virginia mid-October.

A combat veteran from Desert Storm, Foldberg also served in Afghanistan in the Helmand province in 2009-2010, and Iraq 2010-2011. Because of his experiences, Foldberg wants to raise $20,000 for the Semper Fi Fund. The Semper Fi Fund provides immediate financial support for injured members of the military and their families.

Lt. Col (Ret.) Foldberg, with 23 years of active-duty service, rides in memory of four Marines who were killed in the line of duty: two in Desert Storm in 1991 and two in Afghanistan in 2009. LCpl. Christian Porter died on February 24, 1991 from tank fire; LCpl. Brian Lane died on February 25, 1991 from rocket fire; LCpl. David Baker died on from an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) on October 20, 2009, and LCpl. Shawn Hefner died on November 13, 2009 from an IED.

As he seeks to develop the team’s necessary mental and physical toughness for the arduous ride, Foldberg has formed a plan that has the flavor of a military operation. There are training schedules, strict duty assignments, fund-raising benchmarks, mileage requirements, and weekly journals for each team member. Daniel Macfarlane, 19, serves as “2IC” or “Second-in-Command” and is responsible for training, logistics and bike maintenance. Nathan Macfarlane, 17, is the navigator, photographer, and webmaster. Evan Gillham, 16, leads the administrative/financial tasks and is the team cook.

CCC4Vets is actively pursuing opportunities to share its vision of providing support for wounded veterans. Foldberg welcomes speaking engagements with local organizations. CCC4Vets will also be at a variety of community events.
For more information, contact John Foldberg at (805) 610-8102, visit, or track the team’s progress on Facebook: CCC 4 Vets. Donations can also be made directly to Donors have the ability to identify “CCC4Vets” as the event, as well an option for making the contribution in memory or honor of a veteran, service-member, friend or loved-one.